The Nowicki Lab at Duke University


The Circus Trick Requirement

The tricks so far:

Bernie Lohr – fire juggling (photo 1 above)
John Rowden – hand walking
Jeff Podos – basketball dribbling incident
Tammy Windfelder – stilt walking
Bill Hoese – fire juggling
Denise Pope – chubby bunny/smoked snail incident
Stacey Weiss – chubby bunny/smoked snail incident
Sheila Patek – unicycle riding (photo 2 above)
Val Simon – clown mini-bike performance
Martin Beebee – somersault through flaming hoop (photo 3 above)
Barbara Ballentine – spinning plates (photo 4 above)
Elizabeth Derryberry – magic hat tricks (photo 5 above)
Kimberly Rosvall – flaming hula hoop (watch video)
Irene Liu – circus music – and more! – performed on piano (photos below, video online)
Patrick Green & Eleanor Caves – sawing a person in half (watch video)

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